Migrate UiPath Activities to lower version of UiPath Studio

Greetings, I had developed a project on uipath Studio version : 2021.10.4
Now, i have to migrate it to a lower version of Uipath.

There are missing activities error happening and repairing those is does not fix the error.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jhivesh.subron,

Unfortunately this may not be something you can get around. If the UiPath version you are moving it to is not compatible with the newer packages then its not going to work.

Couple of things you could try though:

  • update UiPath -definitely the preferred option if you can update the older UiPath to a newer version which should remove package issues
  • go back to studio where you created the automation and manually change the package versions of the activities down to the package versions which you know exist in your older UiPath, fixing any issues this may cause in the code and then migrating over to the older studio, then the packages should still match up and work correctly.

Many thanks,

In some scenarios, there is a chance to repair it on xaml level within a Text Editor.

  • Which and how many activities are failing
  • Is Classic, modern Design setting the Same

If this is the case then you’ll not get those activities working in the lower version of studio at any cost.

We’ve learnt it hard way, forward compatibility isn’t supported.

You can go ahead and try downgrading the version in original file and that will give you the same red ugly messages of Activity Not found.

This is something raised to UiPath team as a concern long back from us. But they actually never mention that forward compatibility is 100% so they can’t be blame on this too.

Whatever you try to get this working, make sure you take a backup first.

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All activities(click, type into) are broken except the Assign and Message box.
It is the classic design experience.

Thanks in advance.

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