Moved from Community Version to Licensed Version - Error Missing or Invalid Activity


I recently moved from Community Version to Licensed Version. Also I changed Laptops.

Initially I was getting message that “Error detecting project version”. Looking at few suggestions at Forum to delete the Project.json file, I can get into my project.

I copied the dependencies under .local from old laptop to new one.

Now many activities are not loaded and following is the error message.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @MonicaJain,

That error means that you must install the package or update it. See what package is and install it or update it by going to manage packages. Good luck!

Hi, I’m new to UiPath, so can you please explain what does “Install the package or update it” means?
I installed the UiPath Studio today.

Hi @MonicaJain

As our friend said to you , you need to install or update the packages.

Go here …

Hi Carmen,

I used Activity like Click and also a part of the program was created using Recording.
How do I update that? Excel activities are showing correctly.


Sorry, I dont understand your question? do you still have missing or invalid activities?

Yes, I still have missing and invalid activity. How can I identify which activity is causing this issue.

I recall - I used the Click Activity that is showing the error.

could you attach a screenshot of your output panel? Over there should tell you more information about what is missing.


The most important packages in my opinion are these:

Install them but the issue with the clicks are probably cause because you’re missing the UIAutomation.Activities
To install them go to all packages then press
All packages then search for the names of each package like this: Uipath.Excel.Activities
then click on it press install then save.

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I have all the 4 packages listed above (screenshot below). For UiPath.UIAutomation. Activities I have 19.4.1 version.
When I created the program in free Community version, I don’t know what version it was. The only version that is available under All Packages for Automation is 19.4.1, so I didn’t reinstall.

that error looks like something is wrong with the System.Activities Package you should update that… tell us if you solved.

Give a try updating them like @carmen said. To update a package click on it then press update

So the version I have, is the same version that’s out there. So the only option I have is to uninstall.

Is that ok to do? I will uninstall and re-install.

@MonicaJain, mm ok, I think it’s not a problem with your packages. It’s an error assigning something.

Try deleting the wait for ready and replacing it again.

Yeap … try that …could you tell me which Uipath Licenced Version do you have now?

Happen to me something similar, the solution was upgrade to the last version of studio. Because I was using a older one and was not compatibility with some activities.

@rmunro how do you delete the wait for ready? I mean I knew it that this is a property, not an activity. Just curious.

Hi, how do I delete “wait for ready and replace it again”>

Also I re-installed the Systems and Automation Activities and notifications increased:

I guess now are you ok. Usually the red one are in the botton. Probably this notifications were the first ones that you got it.

Are you still missing activities?

I don’t know how to delete “wait for ready and replace it again”.

I still have the same exact issues.