Build your first automation studio

Hi, I have successfully build First process automation in UiPath course, it is giving output result as expected. Although the file path part is a bit different from the video instruction, I have managed to complete it with understanding after reading the posts from the community.

But, now I look back and try to understand every step I did, I have a question that is bothering me a lot:

I am supposed to save 4 excel files (invoices) and update it with a discount code from a website.

Following the instruction video, I can do it. When I want to repeat it, I need to delete the 4 excel files that were saved in the last run.

My question is, what if I just don’t delete them and run again? The video instructions said, “Files in the specified folder with the same name as the attchent will get overwritten.”.

**However when I try, the old files are indeed overwritten by new files. But why there are 4 more files created? and the 4 new files with “_1” were added without discount cell being changed.

I just want to understand which part of the configuration has caused this…

I have tried untick the “Create if not exist” under “Use Excel file” but it did not stop this.

Please help me to understand this better.

I think “Files in the specified folder with the same name as the attchent will get overwritten” mentioned in the instruction video is just simply wrong.

It makes sense that this is wrong, becasue so far, Window OS will awalys as you if you want to overwrite or delete any files.

Hi @Vincent_Shoshin ,
I see your issue, with my way, I think you can try step:
1-check file exist → return true/false
2-if condition, true → delete file
*note: with file name you can use dynamic name, eg: Name_yyyyMMdd_hh:mm:ss

But I think you can should use a folder to save file download, in check step will easier, check path exist, if exist, remove path, will remove all file in here

hope it help,

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