Having trouble in scraping the skills section from multiple linkedin URLS from an excel sheet

In my excel sheet, I have links of different linkedin accounts to scrape from.

I have used excel app scope, read range, for each row in data table and open browser to open each individual links. However, when i try to use data scraping function, it can scrape only one url which is the one that i used to indicate the selectors in the first place.

Is there any way for me to scrape all skill sections in all urls? I have been searching for answers to no avail.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Hey @adding789

Sounds like the selector that you are using is not dynamic. Please try to make it as dynamic as possible by passing variable into the selector or by introducing wildcards.

You can also refer the following content on the same. Hope this helps.


The data scraping activity uses Partial selector as the activity is always enclosed in Attach Browser or Open Browser activities. The Attach Browser activity in the Linkedin Scenario that you have mentioned will always have the profile name in the selector to achieve accuracy.

If you want to extract only skills from the Profile URL try using the Get Text Activity. You will be easily able to make its selector dynamic.

Hello @adding789
Did the solution suggested above work?


Sounds like the fault is in your attachs browser or app/browser activity, maybe you are missing that attach because each url is a new tab in the browser so you also need to make it dynamically