Scraping information from Linkedin by profile URL: ((


I’m new to UIPath, and I want to make a robot to extract information about LinkedIn profiles.
Indeed, I managed to extract a CSV file or there is the name, the URL, the region and the company seen that all this information is on the same page. Now my challenge is to have other information about each profile such as the latest professional experience, skills… And to have this, i have to click on access to the URL page of each profile.
I tried a lot of stuff, but I’m still stuck.

In advance, I thank you for your help.

  • After fetching datatable, add columns which
    ever is required using add datacolumn activity
  • Use for each row on datatable.
  • Inside For each row, Use open browser and provide the URL which you have extracted.
  • Now use get text activities to extract each data from the URL. Assign it to datatable (row(3)=strProfessionalData).
  • Once the data extraction is complete, use close tab.:grinning:

And in LinkedIn attributes will be dynamic, so you need to use wildcard in selectors using “*”.

I think he is asking on which basis he can use get text… @ali_sd what you expecting form here?? You want to know how to extract related data or you want to know how to loop for other profiles?

@Divyashreem I am rather looking for how to extract related data.

@Vivek_Arunagiri I thank you for your answer, I would just like to know if you need to reuse the DataScraping tab to have the correlated data with each profile?

Found this while digging :slight_smile:
Looks great, can you make me a quick sample file?