Iterate all the links and scrap the data

Hi all,
I have excel with hundred of urls . I want to iterate all the urls and scrap the data from each url… every url structure is different. how can I scrap the data from each url. I used get text activity but I couldn’t find anything… is there any solution for this to scrap the unstructured data into excel sheet…


Use excel application scope
read range
for each row
writeline row.(“url”).tostring

cheers @amala443

yeah… i can read the urls… my problem is scraping the data from urls… all the data in urls is unstructured … so how can I scrap the data from those urls…

You can use get text to get all the info in a website. By indicating the whole window.

I used get text activity and I indicated particular elements … and I got the errors selector element is not found. I want some particular elements in each url

can you show me the selector inside the get text activity.

This will keep on changing in different websites

yeah… then it is unstructured right?? then what can I do…??

If it comes under a common heading in all the websites then you can use the string manipulation methods to extract the data from it.

I want product name and price of the product… that’s it…
how can I use string manipulation method

the websites which are having the data are of different structures right. Either you have to use regex to get the data or else if limited number of websites then you can specify the selectors for all.

Now I took 100 urls… what I want is if there is lot number of urls in excel it can scrap all the urls…

can you give 2 or 3 url. To see the positioning.

After opening one url it can’t go to 2nd url until it scrap the data in 1st url… So it is continuously searching in the same page only … it won’t go to 2nd url

After extracting the text put it in a cell and then again use navigate to put the second URL. You can use for each row to iterate through the rows which contains the urls.