Selector Issue When Scraping Data From Linkedin Site

I am scraping Data from Linkedin Site.
But I got the selector not found issue.Actually, the selector has changed run time.
Is anyone has tried Scraping with Linkedin Site?

Plz, give me the solution as early as possible.

Hi Mohini,

You are using Screen Scraping activity?
I have just checked this activity on LinkedIn and have a selector
Did you try Open in UiExplorer

And what exactly do you want to achieve
I’m happy to assist


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Hi Niteckam,

I am new to Ui path tool.
I want to scrape data from linkedin. My idea is to do like this:

There is a list of companies in Linkedin.
open first company
open employees list
save employee name and designation
come back to first page.
open second company and do the same.

Is it possible to do this using Ui Path studio community edition?

Try using the screen scraping/Data Scraping to get the desired result and store that in a datatable. Loop through the rows from the datatable to perform the operation.

Kindly let me know if it helps.


Did your issue got resolved??

I do alot of LinkedIn scraping as well to collect profile data for a predictive model I’m building. This platform, Mantheos has an API that allows me to extract LinkedIn profile data at mass. With other solutions, I usually find a volume limitation seems to be quite significant with a limited number of profiles extractable and the number of connection requests.