Extracting information from Linkedin website

I’m trying to extract Experience and Education columns from the linkedin website and for every person’s name that is passed from the excel, the selectors change and the workflow stops. It’s just extracting the information of the person’s profile you indicate on using data scraping and not for the others.
Also, I’m not able to separately select the information needed. I’ve attached pictures below for the same.
Can someone tell me what can be done to resolve this?
Thank you

in that case make the selector eligible to takee dynamic values in it
like replace the dynamic attribute values with wildcard symbol *
for example aaname = '*'

Cheers @Amrita_Narayan

I tried doing that, it didn’t work.

may i know what was the issue you were facing on using wildcard
Cheers @Amrita_Narayan

I’m not able to edit the selector when i use scraping and in get text when I put ‘*’, if just says can not find the UI element, selector error.

@Amrita_Narayan Hi Amrita, Need more info like screenshot of the error and the screen shot of the data scraping wizard etc. for debugging this issue.

else, as an alternative, try downloading the profile as PDF and extract from PDF that would work perfect i believe.
It adds a step, but should work for any kind of profile and data.