Data scraping to fetch the links


I have an excel file that contains some links for browsing activity. when the links will open I need to fetch the links which are present on the webpage after it should open the second link and fetch the links So on. How to do it by data scraping ?
Can someone help me out


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By Data scraping you can specify the pattern where you are expecting the URL

Now once you finish the indicating the pattern you have to enable the URL of that tag and give a name

Use Read Range activity to read your excel and store into a datatable say DT1

Now Use For Each row activity of Extract Datatable

and check whether the URL is present in the DT1 using IF condition

You can also check below post for your reference to match the string with Excel Table

Hope this helps you



Thanks for replying, I have a scenario like I will open the links by reading the links present in excel and I want implement the data scraping for those website. As soon the page loads I need to implement the data scraping and it should be automated. Manually I will select the pattern but data scraping activity should be automated (not manually select the data scraping activity).



DataScraping has limitation, You need to define the pattern for the 1st time, after that it will proceed with the extraction automatically

But you need to build the datascrapping extraction for every website which you have

Also you need to take care that If the selectors are changed then you need to rescrape

Hope this clears your doubts


I’m trying to implement pagination(pages 1-10) to fetch all the links on the webpage using data scraping. In this, if I edit the selectors it will just navigate to all 10 pages but not fetching the links. If I keep the selectors the same as when did data scrape it will navigate through only 2 pages and fetch the links from the only first page.
Can someone help me out with how to edit the selectors to fetch all the links.
Stru_data selector
Next_page selector