Handle any Exception

Hello team,
I have developed a code , but due to application issue it will get stopped in between .
Application issue like
1.object not identified
2.Page is taking more time to load than expected.
3. Environment slowness
So when this kind of issues appear i need to stop current process and start it again. loop should continue until execution is successfully.

try with REFramework for this as it has the best way to handle application exception
for more details on that template

kindly let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @bhaavan

Hello @Palaniyappan thanq for suggestion . I have already created my code without using frame work , now is it possible to place my code in framework?

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Of course you can
—keep all the initialisation like killing the opened application and same application opening with relevant activities in Init State of REFramework
—then use Get Transaction Data state to read the config and initial set of input files to get the input data to be processed
—the use Process State to process all those input data one by one
—if you are using any queue items that is if you are using any orchestrator input then use set Transaction status in exception of process state try catch and include the set transaction xaml else disable it
—and finally in End process state close all the application with close application xaml

That’s all you are done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @bhaavan

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I believe mostly exception in Process state is being handled by the REFramework and transactions gets retried based on config.xlsx. What if the exception occurs in Init State and GetTransactionData State.
How to handle the exception there and Retries the Init and GetTransactionData?
Here i might be wrong, please let me know here.