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Hi everyone!

This is the link to the official version of the UiPath ReFramework. It’s purpose is to provide a template which handles the basic needs of any business process automation, like reading and storing a configuration file, retrying Transactions that fail with an Application Exception and logging the status of all processed transactions, failed or successful.

The best way to get it is by pulling from our github, located at

Be sure to read the included documentaion, which is available in the project subfolder Documentaion. It provides an explanation of the framework, the reasons for creating it, as well as the changes you need to make to suit the needs of your particular process.
You can also view it here:

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In this post i will link a fork of the ReFramework, hosted, for the moment, on my own github. As soon as we have updated the documentation and bug testing, it will be available on our official github. For now, you can download it here:

It aims to improve on the above linked version in the following ways:

  1. Split the template into functional layers: framework layer, business process layer, process logic layer, services layer. The services layer allows the dev to call another ReFramework within a ReFramework. This enables you isolate and solve specific problems and return the results up the call stack.
  2. SOC (separation of concerns): Minimum intervention in the framework layer and a clearer separation into what needs to be edited by the developer (business process layer and process logic layer). The dev needs to modify the workflows located in the “ProcessLayer” Folder.
  3. Implementing universal logging. You can now implement a single dashboard for any process because logs on all levels are linked together by parent/child relationships.

Documentation for this version is not yet complete.
Although it has gone through thorough bug testing, this is not yet the final version.
Even so, i would recommend you read the architecture document and, if you like it, implement using it as it should offer improvements over the above posted version.

Architecture UML:

Enhanced Framework - Is it Complete?


This is nice. I love especially the logging and the separation of concerns. :+1:


Just to make your life easier, this is now included in the latest Studio as a project template :smiley:


Thanks a lot .:slight_smile: This is going to be a best way for Developer like us. Thank You.


Very Good framework to use it as base for any Uipath project :+1:


Hi Team,

Since, i am new to Framework i am asking this question. please dont mind if it is basic.

in set transaction status XAML file - if the exception type is system exception then it is closing all the application
but my trigger point is indicating to Init stage then what is the purpose of this.


Hi venkat,

The Init stage calls the InitAllApplications.xaml component which will restore your application environment!


Looks very promising, but “Architecture UML” link does not work. It results in a 404 Page not found error.


Hey @Mihai_Dunareanu,

This REFramework is what I were looking for, i’m trying to implement this framework, it will be great if you will provide a implementation sample project!!