Can Anyone Post a Uipath Process File Along with Business Exception using Reframework?

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I have lot of Confusion on Business Exception. I know that, If any “Business Expectation” Occurred the Re-frame will move to the “Get Transaction” and get Next transaction element and Process but for me it is not happening for me. The Process getting ended.

I used try/catch block inside that, I will use the throw → So, my flow get Stop after clicking on Continue it is Moving to Next. I am Totally Confused on this Part can anyone help me on this ?

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Jayavignesh G

You need to explicitly throw a BusinessRuleException


new BusinessRuleException("Message.. ")

That way it will not retry the transaction and the message will be in the final result file.

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Hi… I have done this Already. Can any send the Re-framework with Business exception and System exception

@Palaniyappan @NIVED_NAMBIAR

Kindly help on this

One thing around

Are u debugging or running the flow actually?

Running…not dubugging

But as the statement said by u in the beginning u said that u had click continue to move to next activity after throw

Is it right?

Yes… I was Just Running the Flow. When It come to “throw” Activity it is getting Stop there… After Click “Continue” Execution Continue.

I think u had click on debug button instead of run button

Click Run button to run the flow

Can you please provide the Reframework flow with “Business Exception” ?

Sample one

Hi @Jayavignesh_G
Check this link, you can find a workflow here
Check its initall applications xaml file there u can find

But for your case, you had to click on Run Button instead of Debug button