Google Chrome Extension not working. Trying to capture a rightclick menu. Extension not installed message keeps popping

I am using the latest version of chrome, uipath and windows 8 . I have installed the chrome extensions many times still while recording i get the error extension need to be installed or activated. Chrome version is 84.0. Studio version 2020.6. beta-3 ,. I even reinstalled Uipath once. I am using the community edition.

Can you restart your system and try again?

Hi @slganapat
Please have a look at this old post: Not able to install added extension to UIpath

I provided some suggestions on how to troubleshoot the UiPath Chrome Extension issue. Since you are using Community Edition, the actual location of your crx_manifest.json might be different so just make sure you point to the correct location when creating/updating registry entries.

I am having the same issue. Web recording → F2 → right click → Save As… Then i get a popup that the uipath extension needs to be installed. But it is already installed and working fine for other things.

Did you fix it?