Chrome extension issue with community version of UIPath

Can someone please let me the stable version of Chrome(32/64 bit) to be used with UiPath community version in order to run the web Recording.
I have updated chrome to latest version -(Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)
however when i try installing uipath extension for chrome from UiPath tools i get the message it is installed please enable it from chrome extensions.But when i check in chrome extension it is not available neither i get any popup to install the extension.I mean nothing happens in chrome.


In previous verion of Chrome i used to get pop up to install and enable the uipath extension but when i used to run the web recording it would always say chrome extension is not installed.

Hi @deep20.mbr

See here:

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Thanks a lot @loginerror for the kind support…I really appreciate it.
I was able to install the extension from the chrome webstore and it’s working fine now.
This workaround would help many who are facing the same issue with chrome.

A small request-If possible could you please extend the free advance certification timeline by a month or two.There are many who are eager to learn UiPath but just because they recently came to know about it,they won’t be able to finish up the course.
I am really interested to complete that but i guess by the time i complete the theoretical modules the period would be over.

Hi @deep20.mbr

See the date available here :slight_smile:


So, the date is actually just a teaser to motivate people getting the exam?
The deadline has shifted a few times now making me believe that there is no actual deadline?

Get your advanced developer certification for free until 31st Dec 2018 !
Get your advanced developer certification for free until 31st March 2019 !
Get your advanced developer certification for free until 30th June 2019 !

The deadline of 31st or march was a good push to get my advanced certification tho, so I wont complain. Was just wondering what the thought behind it was. Can we expect it to be free forever?

Hi @MickeyFireMouse

I suppose this would be a question for our Academy team :slight_smile:

Personally, as of now, I would not expect it to be free forever.

Wohoooooooo!!! I can’t believe my eyes.It has been moved to June 31,2019.
Indeed a welcoming move to allow more people to be aware of this tool and get a better hold in the market.
i have been slogging entire day and night from last few days.
Now i can wrap it in remaining time.
Thanks a lot to UiPath academy team for making this possible.:grinning:
I am loving it:blush:

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