Give us a one-click way to stop all automations from running

Use case: we are having network issues and it’s affecting many automations. If we had a button in Orchestrator we could click that stops any new Jobs from being started, that would be a big help. Then later we just click it again to let everything go back to normal.

Hi @postwick

I wonder if this could be helpful here:

Hi @postwick ,

I believe the jobs might be scheduled, you can turn off the triggers also if you have multiple jobs in running or pending state, in the orchestrator job section you will find a master check box over the first visible job you can check that by checking it will allow you to select all the jobs you can first apply filter accordingly on job status and then you can kill at once.


Having to disable things one-by-one and then remember what was disabled is exactly what I’m saying would be good to avoid. You stated the problem, not the solution.

It sounds like that would accomplish what I want, but it’s pretty drastic. Something done through the interface that’s a little less scary would be great :slight_smile: