Schedule job stay in the state "Stopping"

i have an issue with a scheduled job in the orchestrator (V2017.1.6522), which stay forever in a “STOPPING” status at the end of the execution. The only way to make it stop is to restart the VDI or mannualy open it and restart the Robot services.

Does someone encountered a similar behaviour on an unnatended robot ?

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Hi @bmuto, did you use a Should Stop activity in your process?

hello, yes it does have a should stop, linked to a Flow decision on a boolean.

The schedule of the job is “every day at 8am” and “Stop after 8hours”. It seems that the stop is trigger but the orchestrator does not communicate with the robot service (yet the robot heartbeat is still up, and the robot logging are working fine).

One thing I’ve learned is that if you use the Filter, it does not update the State of the robot, so you need to click the Refresh button on right side or turn off Filter. Maybe it actually stopped but it just doesn’t look like it.

Another thing to consider is if you chose “Stop” instead of “Kill” because Stop will run the rest of the process until it hits the Should Stop and a condition that tells your process to branch to a closure sequence. If you don’t have that condition it will still try to finish the complete job.

Another thing, but probably unlikely, is that your server’s performance is just really slow. Maybe it is linked to the SQL server or the Orchestrator installation was faulty. If this is the case, I’m not sure what the solution could be other than working with UiPath support.


Thanks for the answer. I used the filter to show the state of the robot and the pending job nex to it, but as long as i don’t kill/restart the robot service, it stay in the Stopping State.

As the server’s performance works fine, i planned to do a code review and test all the condition that use the boolean linked to severals should stop. I will let you know what i found :slight_smile:


@bmuto have you found the reason for this? I’ve encountered this too. Been running my process for many months and 1 day it just said “stopping” but the process is still running.