Can't stop job in orchestrator, help me

i want to stop or kill running job, but i cant click that menu i can i do it?

@momoninimo do you have Authorization to stop/kill the job?


Yes @Arpit_Kesharwani is right. I hope you do not have the access. Please check with your Admin

thanks for replying but it’s administrator user account

@momoninimo Did you Start the Job from Orchestrator and Can you tell me what is the Robot Type? Is it StudioPro or Unattended or Attended ?

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robot type is unattended
i cant remember where i started job, but maybe i started job from robot

@momoninimo If you Start the Job from Orchestrator you’ll get the Kill or Stop options. Since it is behaves as Unattended in that way. If you Start the Job from Robot Tray it will be an Attended way of executing Jobs, Hence it treats it as Attended, and you can’t stop or override it from Orchestrator.


when I try to connect robot to orchestrator for stopping, this message occurs.
so i cant stop robot from attended robot.
do you know how solve this?

the changed thing is that the pc ip is changed.

@momoninimo In Attended Situations if you have to Stop the Process, you would need to do so using the Robot Tray.

Regarding that error, can you Disconnect if it is already connected and try again to Connect to the Orchestrator. Maybe the Machine Key have changed so make sure to Configure Machine, Environment and Use an Unattended Robot Type.

Use the Proper Credentials needed.