Cannot stop or kill the job running from Orchestrator


Today, I have an issue, a person using robot attended ran the bot and the bot failed or he stop the bot from Robot tray (we using uipath 2019). but the current status of that job is “Running” and I can’t stop or kill that job.

Please help me!

Hi @sanggait1996

If you Start the Job from Orchestrator you’ll get the Kill or Stop options. Since it is behaves as Unattended in that way. If you Start the Job from Robot Tray it will be an Attended way of executing Jobs, Hence it treats it as Attended, and you can’t stop or override it from Orchestrator.

Hi @nikhil.girish

so now how can I delete the job with “Running” status?


You can stop the running job from UiPath Robot Tray/Assistant in that Robot machine.

Hi @lakshman,

I can’t connect Uipath Robot to orchestrator now.

@sanggait1996 If you have started the Job either from the Robot tray or from the orchestrator, you can stop the Job from Robot Tray and the status of the Job in the Orchestrator will change to Stopped.

Case 1: Start Job from Orchestrator-> Job Start executing in UiPath Assistant->Click on Stop in Assistant

Case2: Directly you are executing from UiPath Assistant in a Attended mode->Click on Stop in Assistant

hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

as you can see in the picture the controller tried to kill the process but it throws an error and now its status is always “Running”

Hi @sanggait1996
Go to that respective machine where bot is running , open assistant/robot tray click stop

Hi @nikhil.girish,

I tried but it didn’t work, even then I couldn’t connect that machine to the Orchestrator

Hi @sanggait1996
since bot is disconnected , kindly check the status after few minutes

Hi @nikhil.girish,

the bot disconnected from yesterday, now the status of that job still Running

@sanggait1996 I think this may have happened due to the robot connectivity issue. Are you able to connect to Robot now?

hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , I cannot connect to Robot now.

@sanggait1996 Please share the error that you are getting while trying to connect the Orchestrator to the Robot? Are you able to execute using the Uipath assistant without using Orchestrator?

hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

when I connected to orchestrator → the status is always Unlicensed
Currently, I cannot remove the robot


Can you try to check in orchestrator, Admin->Licenses
Please allocate the license again even if it is existing. Sometimes due to some glitches license will not get updated.

Also go to Orchestrator->Tenant->License . Check whether License utilization is showing as 100%.

Maybe you can watch the below video to get more clarity on the licensing.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

I have created another Robot and connect from that machine to Orchestrator successfully. But the old Robot cannot be deleted nor can the running job be deleted

Hi @sanggait1996 ,

There is no provision to delete the jobs. If you want not to view that, maybe you will have to create a new folder. Also inorder to remove the existing machine, you can go to Tenant->Settings->Machines->Unassign

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

I used Orchestrator v2018, so I can’t do it your way.