Getting Started - Configure Connection to Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulator

I’m stuck on the “Configure Connection…” step. I’ve spent several hours trying to learn how to create a connection from UIPath to my mainframe emulator. I’ve reviewed the UIPath Slack channel, the UIPath forum, the UIPath academy, plus google searches and YouTube searches.

I’ve have an enterprise trial license that I’ve had for less than one week. My first UIPath project was to aggregate 3,500 csv and TXT files into two large files for the data science team at my company. That first little project with UIPath went great and I was very excited about UIPath. Now I’m feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and have no idea how to do the most simple task to get connected and I can’t do anything at all until I can get started.

I have my “Configure Connection…” in a sequence

I’ve tried connecting using UIPath Internal

I’ve tried connecting using IBM EHLLAPI

I’ve tried connecting using Rocket BlueZone

When I run my Sequence I don’t get any errors, just nothing happens. I don’t connect to the mainframe. I really just don’t know how to get started with UIPath

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You suggested I complete 5 things. I had already done all that before your post. Maybe UIPath simply lacks that capabilities that my organization is experimenting with?

Hello Paul, it would be great if you can share the solution, i am also facing same issues and not getting reply from uipath team last 3 days.

Hello Swati. I’m no longer on my old team where I used UIPath for mainframe automation, and don’t have access to the UIPath script to give you specific details but I can speak generally. You will need to work with your corporate mainframe infrastructure team in order to connect UIPath so that you can use UIPaths native mainframe actions, but at my company that’s a big process and I never connected to the mainframe. However, we have an alternate solution! UIPath can interact with just about anything you see on your screen at a high level at like a window level. So UIPath was able to basically click on my mainframe instance and then from there I recorded keystrokes to navigate around my mainframe. I used UIPath’s built in “image recognition” to click on a particular point on my mainframe screen. I was able to navigate with tab, space, and arrow keys on my mainframe. I was even able to copy & paste transaction data off my mainframe screen and into an Excel workbook which was part of my test execution. Though not a perfect solution and not “production ready” I was able to use UIPath to interact with the mainframe and it was very simple to get up and running because I didn’t go through the full setup process. Thanks and good luck!