Rocket Bluezone mainframe connection establishment issue

Hello, I am facing issue while connecting the mainframe bulezone TN3270 terminal with UiPath, i tried with rocket bluezone provider , IMB personal communicator , IMB EHLLAPI too, but getting different issue:-
note :- i found profile saved with zmd extension
a)rocket bluezone provider-

  1. if i am using exiting profile, it launch the window but not executing any terminal command , and stuck like forever, nor failing.
  2. manual specify address - then it lunch blank mainframe screen and trying to connect but its giving error , “unable to establish the connection”.
    b)IMB personal communicator - its giving error “Terminal Session: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy”, here i am passing same path with zmd file, i believe it accepting .ws file maybe.
    c) IMB EHLLAPI- for this i already open file and passing all value, it working only with send key command, rest all command is failing with that.

kindly help me, how I can connect with mainframe emulator with uipath, so i can use rest terminal activity.

Hi @Swati_Verma .
Please use Direct Connection.

You will need IP Address and port. You will get them by just opening Bluezone the normal way and then check Session/Connection configuration menus in the app. Copy those and use them in a Terminal Session activity configured for Direct Connection (also see this: UiPath’s Terminal Session connectivity with IBM Mainframe is intermittent - #4 by cornel )

Success with Bluezone is very much dependent on which version of Bluezone it is, even with EHLL. Safest way is to eliminate that variable out of our equation completely. That is Direct Connection.