Getting error while using Select Item activity

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I’m using Select Item activity for selecting the required data from the drop-down list.

But when I’m indicating the element on the screen it gives me the error as below


Please suggest me solution for it.

Hi @siddhi, welcome to the Community.

This occurs when the dropdown that you are trying to click does not fall under the configuration property of the Select Item, as they are not compatible with the operation.

You can proceed with the combination of Click, Scroll & Click Text activities to achieve the same result as Select Item.

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The control is not compatible with Select Item activity
So you use Click activities to perform the same action

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Hi @siddhi ,

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Can you try sending Click activity on the dropdown element before using the Select Item activity. Sometimes, it is necessary to interact with the dropdown to ensure that the Select Item activity functions correctly.

Additionally, ensure that the selected item has a list of child items within the UI Explorer tree. If the element you have chosen is either one level too high or too low in the hierarchy, it can lead to errors during execution.

Please give these suggestions a try and let me know if you need further assistance.

@Srini84 @arjunshenoy
There’re 6 drop-downs in a single row and for each if I’ll use click, type into, then Enter activity, then the code becomes too long. So, is there any replacement of these activities?



Yes, i used click activity before it.



You don’t have to necessarily use the entire snippet on each of the 6 drop downs here. You can build a reusable component & just pass the attribute data of the drop downs such as aaname or any other property into it. By making the selector dynamic, you can perform the same set of actions on all 6 drop downs.

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Use find children on that block get the desired list of element or ddl selectors you need and then loop on them to pass values dynamically