Error with "Select Item Activity"

Hi All,

I’m trying to select an item in Desktop Application from drop-down based on the Excel DataTable Data .


I’m passing in_argument from main workflow to subworkflow. For testing purpose I have added message box activity and it’s retrieving proper data. But it is unable to select that retrieved data from the dropdown.


Please help me with this.
Thanks in Advance:-)

Some dropdowns don’t load their options until they are clicked. Try doing a Click on that element before the Select Item.

Also, show us the properties of your Select Item.

can you use a click activity to click the dropdown first before using select item activity

if that doesnt work, just use 2 click activities
one to click open the dropdown
one to select the correct option

Yes I have used click activity first and then passed the variable which is invoked from the main workflow


If select item activity is not working then use click activity to click the dropdown icon & use type into activity provide the text as it is in select item data
It will work


Hi Varun,

There is no option to type. We can only select one item from drop down list

I have tried but it is selecting only first value from drop down for all the names.

I have to select the values dynamically. So I have passed a variable.
Variable contains values that retrieved from Excel Sheet.


Then you can use for clicking dropdown button use click activity then take ‘Select Item’ activity is used to select elements in a drop-down menu (combo-box or list box)

that selects specific elements and then all elements, Try it will work


Hello @Vaishnav_Tej

When using the Select Item activity, is it asking to choose the value? If yes, it should support that element.

Else you will have to go with click activity to open the Select and then use an another click activity to choose the item (By passing the value as dynamic variable)


Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

After the click activity use a for loop and inside that use a try catch with click text and pass the required text there.

Then in the catch block use a scroll activity to acroll
Untill thw click is not performed or the maximum loop count is reached