Facing issue in selecting drop down options using Select Item acticity

can someone help me with the solution?

Hi @Rani1 , Welcome to the forums.

When you select the drop-down box on the form, do you see the values in the drop-down box of the Select Identifier2 activity?

Does the variable in_Identifier2 contain a value that matches any of the values in the drop-down?

What is the selector in the activity in the screen shot? Can you post it here?


Hi Andy,

here is the selector for select item


Hi @Rani1

If select item activity is not working.

Try using the click activity.

first click on the drowdown.

then click on the dropdown list with specified value.

Try with making the selector dynamic with passing aaname with your value.


Hi @Rani1 Welcome to the forum.

  1. If you’re using select item activity please let us know is it dynamically selecting the item or is it fixed?
  2. you can use Click activity instead of select item activity.
  3. if that activity fixed: in click activity indicate the cursor where you want to select the items from drop down.
    4.you can also change the item inside your workflow.

if you can share us the screenshot it is easy to understand what kind of data you’re selecting.

hope this will help you