Dropdown list error


Using select item for dropdown list but it throwing an error

Is there any other option option instead of select item

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Try to get the valid selector for select item from ui explorer for tag as select and then try using it.

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No it is not supported
Is there another option other then select item

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Try Using Type into it may work

Hi @supu123,

Try with anchor base

In some cases it works when you use a click element activity (select the item you want to click on) and check the box simulate click. You can make the selector dynamic if the element you want to select changes from case to case.

If you are using IE, then try Click Image activity. this will expand the dropdown list. You can then use another click activity to click on “Completed” option. worked for me. let me know if it helps.


I have faced the same issue.
I believe, this error is coming because your page is not able to get loaded properly, where u have to select drop down, and select item activity is getting executed.

Hope this helps.

The best way would be to expand the dropdown using click activity and then use Click Text activity to highlight the entire region containing the dropdown values. Pass the text of the item which you wish to click in the Click Text activity and use Simulate Click property if you need to scroll down to click on it.

P.S : Don’t use any Image activities on this.

Let me know if this works!

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