Getting Credential from Orchestrator

Doing the Developer training assignment but always having trouble to get credentials from Orchestrator.

Can open the website, but no action for key in the email address and password.

Anyone can help?

Thank you!

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Welcome to uipath community
May I know the issue you were facing
I looks good actually
Just check whether the argument once imported with IMPORT ARGUMENTS is not imported again with that button
Like if we want to check with the value of those arguments click on ARGUMENTS option in property panel of INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity

If we press the Import arguments again it will import freshly the arguments which will not have any value in it

Cheers @Evan_ADL

Thank for getting back to me :slight_smile:

should I put the name of the Asset credential “ACME_Credential” in the in_Credential Default value?

I figured out the problem!
I changed to a old machine, forgot to connect robot.
Problem fixed!