Get orchestrator credentials not getting the credentials!

The Get Orchestrator credentials is not getting the credentials on being invoked in a workflow. I’m attaching a series of screenshots in which the error and the required arguments’s calling can be seen.

Get Orchestrator Credentials is not getting the credentials and going straight to the “get secure credentials” which get credentials from the system, and not the orchestrator asset!
Can anyone help me on this as though why is it not getting the asset credentials?

These three images show the argument assignment flow from the first workflow invoke function.

Hi @Abbi,
Please do not make two identical post about same thing.

Regarding case.
As I properly see you are doing this:
Input argument (in_System1_credential) → in_Credential argument for invoked workflow (with in_System1_credential) → Get Credential (Orchestrator with input of in_Credential).

I assume that your credentials are located in Orchestrator and your Config has the same name for this variable as defined in orchestrator right? Can you check it?

First off, I apologize for the identical posts. It happened cz the first one wasn’t posted and it showed an error of some sorts and then it disappeared, no-where to be found lol. So I posted another query but as it turned out, the first one was posted later on automatically. Sorry.

Secondly, the invoking goes something as follows:
In main–>System1_login is invoked(‘in_System1_Credential’ is passed as argument).
In System1_login–>GetAppCredentials is invoked(‘in_Credential’ is passed as argument).
In GetAppCredentials–>Get Orchestrator Credentials is called(with ‘in_Credential’ passed as the input AssestName).

And Thirdly, I checked everything in my config file(which is placed in the same directory as the project), and the names match!
Here’ an attached screenshot of the ‘Settings’ sheet.

One option is to invoke GetAppCredentials with hardcoded name of the credential in Orchestrator. For your case you can pass “ACME_Login_Cred” as value to “in_Credential” attribute. If that works it will suggest your asset defined in Orchestrator is correct. And then you can debug to find why value from “Config” is not read correctly. Otherwise you have check name of credential defined in Orchestrator.


So now check if your variable in orchestrator is credential type and it’s name is same as value from the config. And be sure that your robot is connected properly to this orchestrator.


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