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Hi guys,

I am stuck really badly and tried so many times but no luck finally need your help,

in for each array i am getting value as 2018 consider it , now i am passing this value which is item.tostring to another workflow in IN argument where it is using in path exsist activity , but in path varaible is getting blank, before passing i am logging it showing correct, but after passing into another workflow it going blank.

Thanks in advance, attaching screenshot for reference.

image giving as 2018, now after passing it to another flow image getting as blank in second workflow image giving log as image blank

a quick guess. item has a local variable scope within the for each loop. the blank comes from a usage outerside the for each loop.

Can you share a screenshot of your flow showing for each and the invoke worklflow


Generate Result File_Test.xaml (6.2 KB) merge_New_Test.xaml (26.2 KB) Input file.xlsx (19.9 KB) Merge.xlsx (8.6 KB)

input file is mapping file

above is my workflow i want to go flow till messagebox bye .

I was blocked to do some deep analysis due one xaml was not opening and some excels were mising or unclear.

But have a look on the invoke workflow part. Here you are giving in a variable with the name Yeaarname
(also notice the spelling error from its name) to the invoked workflow. But Yearname is defined as an out argument from the merge_… xaml. I would expect that here you want pass the variable item from the year loop

For a quick test of my guess you can assign a default value for this argument with a silly value (e.g. MickeyMouse). While debugging you will see if MickeyMouse is transported or not to the invoked workflow

I would suggest also to follow the common naming convention and name Arguments with a prefix indicating the direction. Example: in_Yearname instead of yearname

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Seems like you created arguments in the same file as where you are displaying the log message as item.tostring and passing the value.

You need to create the arguments in the invoked workflow and pass the argument from the invoking workflow in the invoke workflow wizard.
For example. You have functionality written in ChildWorkflow.xaml and you want to call that workflow from Main.xaml, create the arguments in ChildWorkflow.xaml (not in main.xaml).
Now use invoke workflow activity, specify the workflow file path. Click on Import arguments and in the import wizard, specify the argument value as item.tostring.

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