Problem with string arguments

Hi all,

I have an issue with a workflow that I can’t understand. There is a string input argument that isn’t working - I have tried parsing it in using invoke or in the default value for debugging but when I use log message it always shows as a blank.

Any ideas how to drill down into this, or any bugs I can look to correct?

What value you are passing ?

Can you please the screenshot of workflow ?

The value is shown in the screenshot and all I am trying to do is get the log message to show that value.

check the xaml / workflow that is defining this in argument that not a variable with the same name like the in argument is defined. If so remove or rename the variable.

recheck if the argument is properly set by the invoke workflow (the workflow calling the xaml)

you can convert it in in/out, or share your workflow to watch what is happening

  1. Might be you created a variable twice
  2. Name of Argument and Variable created are same

Check the above and remove if any duplicates.

It looks like the issue was i had the same name used as a local variable, so it wasn’t calling the argument. I am surprised this didn’t generate a compile error like when you have duplicated variable names

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