[solved] Passing arguments

Dear community

I’m trying to create a workflow, passing variables between different workflows starting from the “Main” Flowchart. I have the issue that the Arguments/Variables are not being passed back from the “Initialize environment” workflow but I do not have any idea, why. I defined them as “Out” in the “Main”-Workflow and as “Out” in the Mainworkflow and as “Out” in the invoked workflow.

Mainworkflow: Workflow 1
Invoked Workflow: Workflow 2

Workflow 1 invokes Workflow 2, expecting to get attributes back. Workflow 2 defines the attributes well, but Workflow 1 does not get the attributes. I’m unfortunately not yet allowed to upload files.
Workflow 1: no attributes defned
Invoke Workflow 2: Out-Attributes defined and assigned accordingly
Workflow 2: Out-Attributes defned and assigned accordingly

I hope, somebody can help me…

Thanks in advance and Best regards

How about In/Out direction?

Tried it already, no luck

Hello @binaer,

Check if there is a variable defined with the same name :wink:
Anyway, could you share your workflow?


unfortunately, I cannot upload anything “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”.
I have declared the variables in my main workflow…, “Default” is empty. Under “Arguments”, I have also defind the “Out”-Arguments and assigned the local Variables to the Out-Arguments. Still no luck.

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Main.xaml (12.1 KB)
InitializeEnvironment.xaml (6.0 KB)
there we go :slight_smile:

in the initialize xaml…you have variables and arguments both with same names…
this is creating conflict.
just delete all the variables from init xaml…and try running again…
I Just tried and its working fine.
Pls chk.

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Indeed. I deleted the variables form the main.xaml workflow but have not tried deleting them from the InitializeEnvironment one. Works now. Thanks!