Doubt regarding Passing arguments

Hi, I am completed one flow in one sequence, using for each, if loops etc, but the client wants to split that in to different workflows. Where i tried with using passing arguments, but i am very much confused.

Eg: in for each


that ImagePath i created in one workflow.

now that ImagePath variable need to use in another workflow for loading the single image

Can you please tell how to pass the arugments between the workflow to achieve this.


In the first workflow, instead of declaring ImagePath as a variable, declare it as an argument with direction as out


In the second worflow, similarly, create In_ImagePath and assign Out_ImagePath to it. You can assign it by clicking on the edit button



Hi Farhan, I did as you said, but while assigning the Out_ImagePath is not declared error came. Can you please upload a xaml file, so that it will helps me alot.


In the second workflow, create an argument “in_ImagePath” with direction “IN”.

In the first workflow, in the Invoke workflow activity, Click on Import Arguments, In the arguments list
Set the default value of in_ImagePath to ImagePath (variable from the first workflow).