Passing values between flowcharts (arguments)

Hey! I’m trying to pass values from the main workflow to another one.

So I created an argument in the other one from the argument panel, and then from main (invoke workflow), I imported the argument, and for the value I typed the variable that has the value that I want and put IN direction. But the value of the variable isn’t passing and the argument has no value when i run it.

What am I doing wrong?



Have you created the arguments with IN direction in the other workflow?

Print the variables using write line activity before calling the invoke workflow, so that you can ensure that the variables has values.

Yes I did. And yes I’ve been working with the variables value several times.


Then it should work, check the argument name and the variable name, sometimes we might have create arguments and variables with same name, that may cause some issue.

Hi @jadbenn

Can you show us some screenshots on this to see how you have configured the arguments and the invoke workflow. Would be easy to answer it then… :slight_smile:

@Lahiru.Fernando I still can’t find the problem. I attached here a process in which I reproduced my problem so you can help me find the issue. Why the value for the argument in “TEST” is not the text of the variable in main? Thanks project.json (637 Bytes) Test.xaml (4.8 KB) Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

lets take like we have a MAIN.XAML, WORKFLOW A.XAML and WORKFLOW B.XAML

now we would have created some arguments in workflow A xaml with OUT directions
–if we have invoked this workflow A with INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity and click on IMPORT ARGUMENTS which will import all the arguments we want
–then press the property ARGUMENTS in the property panel so that we can get the values of those arguments assigned to a variable. named variableA
–this variableA is created in MAIN workflow with global scope in variable panel under scope field
–now while invoking workflow B using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity we will be passing this variable to a IN arguments created in B workflow

whenever we are creating a argument and assign the value to it with INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity click on IMPORT ARGUMENTS once to import and dont press that again, once after assigning the variable or values to those arguments with ARGUMENTS property in the property panel, because if we press the import arguments it will again freshly the arguments with no values or variables assigned to it

if we want to assign or edit the value in arguments, click on ARGUMENTS property in the property panel of INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity

Cheers @jadbenn

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