GetAppCredential not found in UiPath Studio

Hi, I am not getting GetAppCredential while opening Reframework template under the framework folder. My UiPath Studio version is 2020.2.0
Can anyone please support, why i am not getting that and how i will get that as what i think it is by default while opening Reframework template.

You can get the file from here: ReFrameWork/GetAppCredentials.xaml at master · UiPath/ReFrameWork · GitHub

It is no longer included in the REFramework from UiPath studio, but you can still integrate it.


Hi @rajat_dhammi

What version of UiPath Windows Credential Store Activities you are using. ?I am using version:1.1.6479.13204 this and working fine.

Hi @anandji05
I am also using the same version.
But there is one issue, i have to install the packages again and again whenever i open Uipath Studio.
Like if i install any package from manage package, and close studio, then next time it doesn’t remain save in my studio. I have to again install it.

Is the project being moved each time it’s being worked on? The dependencies are stored in the folder where you keep the project.

Also, so we don’t stay on the topic of UiPath Studio not updating dependencies, if this does not solve the issue, please open a new thread.

You can copy it into the template directory so it is available eachtime you start a new REFramework project within Studio.


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