GetAppCredentials.xaml file missing

When I created a new project whith REFramework in Studio version 2019.10.2 the GetAppCredentials file appeared in the Framework carpet. But doing the same in version 2019.10.3 the file is missing.

Is there any explanation for that?

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Welcome to uipath community
I haven’t opened REFramework in that version
But I hope it would be there
Kindly create a new project and if possible can you share the screenshot of the Project panel from studio which will be having all the xaml in that project

Cheers @SandraRG

Install the newVersion 19.12.0-beta.61 we have

Here are the files that were created automatically:

I would like to work with a stable version right now. I’m going to do my certification exam and I’d prefer not to have any surprise. :wink:

What version do you recommend?

I had the same problem. You can just download the reframework file from GitHub - UiPath/ReFrameWork: Robotic Enterprise Framework Template and import the GetAppCredential in your own project.
Good luck!


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