Missing file in REFramework with Studio 2019.10.3

Recently I installed UiPath Studio 2019.10.3 using the MSI package and created a fresh REFramework project and noticed that the GetAppCredentials.xaml file is missing. I haven’t done a full comparison from Github to the template in the installation folder.

I’ve noticed this has been mentioned in a few topics and most solutions are to clone the github repository or that other users are using later community versions (or betas) and don’t seem to be missing the file, so it may have been fixed already.


Template with install package

Simply cloning the REFramework into the .\ProjectTemplates\Robotic Enterprise Framework directory will cause Studio to throw a error and cause the launch page to be semi-broken unless the .local\template.json exists.


An error occurred during the activation of a particular registration. See the inner exception for details. Registration: Autofac.Core.Registration.ComponentRegistrationLifetimeDecorator ---> An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void 

Adding the .local directory with the template.json UiPath will load as expected.

  "DefaultProjectDescription": "NewBusinessProcessProjectDefaultDescription",
  "DefaultProjectName": "NewBusinessProcessProjectDefaultName",
  "Dependencies": {
    "UiPath.Excel.Activities": "[2.7.2]",
    "UiPath.System.Activities": "[19.10.1]",
    "UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities": "[19.10.1]"
  "Description": "NewBusinessProcessProjectTemplateDescription",
  "DisplayPriority": 1,
  "ExceptionHandlerWorkflow": null,
  "IconUri": "ReframeworkIcon",
  "IsBlank": false,
  "Label": "NewBusinessProcessProjectTemplateLabel",
  "MainFile": "Main.xaml",
  "Name": "NewBusinessProcessProjectTemplateTitle",
  "NewTemplateTitle": "NewBusinessProcessProjectNewTemplateTitle",
  "PrivateFiles": null,
  "ProjectProfile": "Developement",
  "OutputType": "Process",
  "ExpressionLanguage": "VisualBasic"

Performed an upgrade to 2019.10.4 (Not clean) and the xaml is still missing. Files do have a modified date of 2/6/2020

I’ve noticed this as well. When running the new Workflow Analyzer on the GetAppCredentials XAML file, it raises a lot of warnings and flags relating to security. My guess is that UiPath is trying to deprecate use of this file.

However, if you need a copy, you can use this one: GetAppCredentials.xaml (11,1 Ko)

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Maybe, but I imagine that it is jarring for new users. Thinking back to the academy training courses they make reference to this file and if they’re creating REFramework from Studio it is probably confusing.

To ensure you’re getting an up to date file rather then a unknown version on the forums, I’d just grab it from the repository ReFrameWork/GetAppCredentials.xaml at master · UiPath/ReFrameWork · GitHub

It is also easy enough to replace the template provided by Studio with the versioned copy. It just looks like you’d have to remember to do it with each upgrade.


Hi Guys.
REFramework was revised and some changes has been applied to it recently. For academy purposes please download the version from GitHub which is listed in trainings as well:

We are working with academy team to put a clear notification so there will be less confusion over this.


Thanks for the update!

Will Studio be updated in the future so we don’t have to overwrite the included REFramework files? Or have a ability to start a fresh project using GitHub source when starting a REFramework project?

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If I had to guess, I’d bet UiPath is trying to deprecate the GetAppCredentials.xaml workflow. As it is, it fails security tests when run against the Workflow Analyzer. I think they have another method in mind for handling data securely going forward.

Still, this is very jarring for anyone taking the UiPath courses. The courses should have an addendum about this file and a link to add it to the project. I know they’re going through an overhaul of the site, but in the meantime, this seems like a small change that would save people a lot of headache.


This kind of small issues has eaten up my personal time already.

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