GetAppCredentials.xaml no appear in my REFramework

Hi everyone

I am learning in uipath academy, and in level 3 dev advance.

I am doing the first excersise about REFramework but I am confuse because I can’t find in the folder Framework the GetAppCredentials.xaml, I am doing a excersise where I need this GetAppCredentials.xaml but it do not appear, my question is What can I do? where can I found it or if I need to activate something in my uipath studio what is it?

note: excuse for my english and thanks

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Bienvenido a la UiPath comunidad @Carlos_Andres_Garcia!

Aquí está el archivo
GetAppCredentials.xaml (13.5 KB)

Feliz automatización!


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Hi, @Carlos_Andres_Garcia !

I had the same difficulty…
“GetAppCredentials.xml” was gone while updating UiPath Studio…

Check the file @PD2 gave you!

Maybe You can see that the file is devoid of activity.
Then, you go in Package Manage and search keyword “Credential” and download UiPath regular package…
It contains the activity required for the credendtial !

Hope it helps.

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Hello, see below solution :point_down:


Hi friends, thanks very much for yours answers
I hope to learn so much.

:+1: thanks!!

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