Problem with getting data item from queue

Hello, Does any of you have idea what I’m doing wrong?
I have no clue why I cannot get data from queue…

Please help me :frowning:

When you use Add Transaction Item, the added Item’s status will be In Progress so you cannot get it again with Get Transaction Item.
In Add Transaction Item property, you set the output to O_TransactionItem, so you can use this variable without Get Transaction item.
If you want to add the queueitem then get it & process it late, you can try to use Add Queue Item. The added item will have status New, and you can get it with Get Transaction item

maybe you dont have any data there and you forgot to check if the returned item was ‘Nothing’ before trying to get that data from it… Remember it only will return New items and not In Progress ones…

Hey, yes i checked this morning - it was about In progress and New

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