Get updated value in queue while in progress

Hello all,

Im updating some values during my process!
But when i call it as specific content its NULL even i can see it on the orch.

is there anyway to refresh the IN transaction item ?

Regards /Hazem

Can you post some relevant screenshots about the problem?

Hi @Hazem_Saleh

You can use the Get Transaction Item activity again then you can get the same queue item.

Hope it helps!!

the KYC here has been updated directly to the database where the transaction item in progress, i call it in the flow after always shows null in UiPath,
If i Retry the item i can see it …


Do you update the item via api? If you just need to have the update reflected in code side as well, just assign the updated dictionary also to transactionItem.SpecificContent (in addition to update via api).

I will try this, can i do this in the main flow!
but then i need to grape the same reference and over write the same item right?

i lost all the item


hi, no i do it on the database

Hi @Hazem_Saleh,

Unlike BluePrism, UiPath does not have a feature to update a specific content of a queue item when it is in progress.

I would suggest you vote for this feature here. The feed also discusses this in length.

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Thanks, i think we misunderstood each other this , i updated the item via DB query,
but cant get the updated value during the process, im trying to figure away to refresh it… and get the new values

and if i use get or set transaction progress still my cant get the updated item

i can read from the database but dont want alot of queries! in the process!


Hello @Hazem_Saleh

The Transaction Item information is get when you using Get Transaction Item and the values are stored at run time. If you update the Transaction Item in Orchestrator during progress, the update doesn’t reflecting in a robot that already get the transaction Item.

And you can’t using Get Transaction Item for items that is in state “In Progress”. This activity only get Items in NEW status and automatically change it to “In Progress” state.

May you can use Output property during runtime and update the queue item only at the end using Set Transaction Status and populate the output property

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