Get started with StudioX - Find Your Unicorn Name

You’ve built your first robot today! How about you contribute to a collective brainstorm now?

Think about the top 3 automation examples that would either help you right now in your learning process or would just save a lot of time in your work! Below are some examples to get you started:

  1. Sending an automatic email to a group when someone contributes a new forum post.
  2. Emailing a supervisor a report that was downloaded and processed.
  3. Cleaning up your local folders.

For any technical question, please create a new topic in the StudioX category here .

Today i built my first robot by using StudioX , it’s easy and comfortable to use studioX.

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First automation that i built today was easy and interesting… Looking forward to built more

I’m creating automation for accountants here’s some ideas:

  1. Create Contact in CRM when questionnaire is filled out
  2. Create Google Drive folder for Contact when new Contact created in CRM
  3. Send email to Contact explaining documents need to be uploaded to new Google Drive folder
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I am Enjoying working with UIPath to build Automation Processes. :partying_face: :partying_face:
Build 3 so far.

  1. Generating Sales in USD and Emailing it to me
  2. Finding Unicorn names and auto generate emails with same body and but Unique.unicorn names as signatures.
  3. Creating new suppliers and saving


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Working on automating NPS report- Salesforce, excel, outlook.

  1. Automate archiving of e-mails that are non-important and were not touched for 3 days.
  2. Gather all the new references about a company in the media in a file on a daily basis.

Emailing daily COVID check-in questions to office staff and automatically recording responses in an Excel spreadsheet.

First bot built in citizen developer training on Studio X. Cool. Have built other bots before in Studio … New useful bot would be one that completes my son’s daily covid status form for school. It’s repetitive, same info, monotonous and required daily.

create the first app was easy but found the install link was complex

I am new to this, followed the tutorial, was a good introduction experience.
The instructions were clear, the time needed and the result were inviting to experiment a little I choose the drop-down and even saved my excel sheet :wink:

Top 3 use cases in my case would be:

  1. Automating user creation and deletion within BMC FootPrints 11.x.
  2. Filling out web-form getting some of the information from a FootPrints Ticket, others from user input
  3. Creating Salesforce Opportunies based on information from SAP Offer.