Get started with StudioX - Find Your Unicorn Name

Finished first automation. Cant wait to do more! :grinning:

The interface is friendly.

Very interesting learning experiece. Will be looking for oppurtunities in my daily work.

I just completed my first robots, and am anxious to learn more about UiPath, itโ€™s the tool for the future!
Top 3 projects:

  1. Scanning & booking purchase invoices in goods received
  2. X-checking and updating prices in databases
  3. Putting new merchandise live on our website

Best for 2021,


Finally I did it!

Finished my first robot

Generating the Fixed asset rollforward file

today i learned new things. i can fill in attendance via google form every day

Just got started today. Took a few tries to conduct the โ€œfind your unicorn nameโ€ activity, but once complete, felt straightforward. I can easily see opportunity here to: automate creation of return merchandize authorizations, automate approval of returns, running/distributing reports via email from a SQL server, and many others.

Good for compiling reports from different departments to summarize and forwarding to the supervisor/boss

Today I have created my first robot using StudioX. It is very fine work