Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist, could anybody help me to counter this error?

Hi all,
I’m currently doing my RPA developer foundation course, In that I got “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist” this would be so great full if someone help to counter this error.


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Please check below steps: have outlook installed in your system.
2.If you are trying to access a subfolder, make sure you provide the complete path to the subfolder, separated by slashes. For example, folder\subfolder
3.You have configured only one outlook account? if one account and it is already configured then make account properties blank.


I could see in the image that you have mentioned “INBOX” as folder
So ensure that you have a folder of inbox
I believe u must be having it and that should not be an issue

Try with these steps to get this fixed

First check with this UiPath Knowledge base troubleshoot steps

Other options as below

  1. Make sure the outlook Applications is closed and then retry

  2. If that doesn’t work upgrade the mail package
    Design tab → manage packages → project dependencies → UiPath.mail.activities → update to latest version

  3. Then if that doesn’t work try removing the activity from workflow and re create it after restarting the studio itself and try again

hope this helps

Cheers @Prem_Kumar07

I’ll check for that, Thank you :blush:

1.Verify that you have entered the correct folder name in the activity properties. Ensure that the folder name is case-sensitive and matches exactly how it appears in Outlook.

2.Make sure that you have the necessary permissions to access the specified folder in Outlook. Sometimes, restricted folders cannot be accessed through automation.

3.check the Outlook is properly configured and running while the automation is executed Sometimes, if Outlook is not open or configured correctly, it can cause issues.



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  1. Are you trying on a work laptop? If so there might be blocks…may be they are not exposed…you need to work with your IT
  2. If personal first check if the inbox name is exact
  3. Try giving the outlookname\Inbox


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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