Get outlook mail messages returns no messages at all, then does when run a second time

Hello UiPath Developers,

We have a case where our robot will send the “Get outlook mail messages” activity but will not find any unread messages. We know they are sent, sometimes hours ahead of time. When we run the robot again immediately, it returns the unread messages as expected. Is it possible this activity is running and finding no messages before in Inbox is being synced with Exchange, before new messages arrive on the robot?


is there a solution to this issue? im encountering a similar issue

You could try running Outlook with the option to “Use Cached Exchange Mode to download email to an Outlook data file” off.

We did this only because frequent “Get outlook messages” was corrupting our *.OST file. We went with the Get Exchange Messages activities instead. In addition we are looking at doing E-mail polling outside of UiPath altogether.

I faced a similar scenario and the work-around was that I opened Outlook before trying to read mails and gave a delay of 10 seconds for the synchronization to complete. After the reading was complete, the bot then went ahead and closed the Outlook window using “Kill Process”

We did this too. We even sent the hotkey to “send and receive”. We were checking mail quite frequently, live every fine minutes (don’t ask) we found that eventually the *ost file would become corrupted with the constant opening and closing Outlook. So, we went for the Exchange activity.