Hi team,

I am trying to fetch the credentials using reframework with orchestrator.

Settings and Assets in the orchestrator platform added in respective Config.xlsx excel.

I am trying by passing same asset name in the get orchestrator credential and i am trying to fetch the username and password.

but i am not able to achieve this.

i guess some connection problem between my studio and orchestrator.
Will you guys please advise me on this…



Can you share your xamĺ? @Sriram07


Hello @Sriram07

What’s the error that you are getting in trying to get the credentials from the orchestrator?

Also, one small check… the Credential Asset that you created, make sure you add the credential asset under Settings page in the Config file, not under Assets page… If it is under the assets page… change it to settings page and see whether it works



Yeah i added in setting page only with the value as same as the asset name in the Assets of orchestrator.

I am using if condition to check credential is there are not if not , then it will prompt windows credential manager. so every time windows credential manager is achieved.

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“Get Credential: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.”

Now i created a sequence used get credential and pass the same asset name and created username and password

When i run the workflow…

"Get Credential: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started."

i getting this error. COuld you please advise me how can i check if UiPath Robot Service is started?

In orchestrator under robots it was showing available.

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Anyone help me on this guys!!!

Hi @Sriram07

If you just want to check and see if it’s running, Orch should be correct but you can check your services on the bot machine. It’s display name is UiPath Robot (UiRobotSvc).


Thanks @tmays

I ma not able to find any services as you said.

What may be next step to get out this error?

Type ‘services’ in your search bar.

oh @tmays i checked using services.msc in run command and i checked all the services nothing is there like uipath robot. I found in forum that if i use community edition we cannot find in the services.

If you just type Uipath robot in the start menu, you’ll see the service. Just click on it to start. Once started, you’ll be able to see the icon in the system trey…

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@Lahiru.Fernando bro ! fine ! Everything working fine seems it showing connected and licensed.Though i am facing this error

Wasn’t the cloud platform down when this was originally posted?