How to apply credentials stored as asset in Orchestrator

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I’ve created credential-type asset in Orchstrator named ‘My_Credentials’ in ‘My Workspace’ folder to log into application I use. However, I’m not able to set the process, design activities and configure them (including Config) to get user name and password for appropriate text fields. Probably, I’m making some stupid mistake in variable declaration or something like that.

Could somebody share a kind of template process to get credentials from Orchestrator and apply them correctly, with appropriate properties and hints?

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Well credentials needs to be in the sheet settings inside the config and not the assets, and in uipath studio you will need the get credentials activity to retrieve the credentials from orchestrator.

@kgkorespondencja … You can use it Asset Sheet of Config File. I hope you can see in the below Attached Spreadsheet.

Kindly note that Re-framework will handle only Asset as by Default not “Credential” type.

So, You can drag and Drop “Get Credential” Activity and Create a Argument for username & Password in “Out” direction

Ensure that you have create a Asset in the Name of “My_Credentials” and as a best practices keep the name and Value are same in the Config File.

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Hi @SoreyJay and @Jayavignesh_G
Thank you for your suggestions.
I have credential-type asset in orchestrator. It’s name is MyCredentials.

Then, I have config file with the asset:

While getting credentials with defined arguments for username and password

but I’m getting error message

What should I do to move forward?

@Jayavignesh_G I can see you have Assets database. What’s the content?

@kgkorespondencja click on the drop-down symbol in the orchestrator folder field and select it from drop-down and it is the same for the asset field also.

If you are using in Re-Framework and Calling from Config the it should be → row(“Asset”).ToString
Also, Try to remove the “Orchestrator Folder Path” and kept it blank

Hi @kgkorespondencja

Can you check in the studio right bottom. If you have Shared folder so in the orchestrator you should create the asset in the shared folder.


If you have Workspace folder so in the orchestrator you should create the asset in the Workspace folder.

At last you need to check that you have an access to the folder.


@sangeethaneelavannan1 Right, I’m selecting My Workspace folder and I can see MyCredentials asset there

Hi @kgkorespondencja

And also check the studio whether you are running the process from your My Workspace?


@Jayavignesh_G Yes, I’m using REF. I’ve removed Orchestrator Folder Path from config.

I have tried to replicate activities from your example (without Try to keep it simple):

dtMyCredentials is a data table variable. But the content of data table is not defined.
What should be the output?

Then, I’m getting credentials

What is AssetValue in your example (MyCredentialsValue in mine)?

@Gokul001 I’m using workspace in Studio and My Workspace in Orchestrator

Okay @kgkorespondencja that’s Okay. What is the error are you facing?

@Gokul001 Let’s wait for response from @Jayavignesh_G first. Then, I’ll change the process and share update.