Get mail from a specific account office 365

Hello UiPath Community,

I am replacing the outlook activities in my project by office365, im lookin for this option in office365

Can any of you tell me if it’s exist on office365 or how to do it

Thanks in advance

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Can you try using your Email ID or Profile name ?

email id ? where

In the Account Property : Type the complete Email Address of the account

Also, make sure the above email is accesible and added in the outlook of the machine you are running the bot.


yeah that’s with the outlook activities, im lookin for something like that with the office 365 activities

to be precise on the outlook of the machine i have too email adress, and i want the office 365 activities to use one of them only, with outlook it’s simple to do that by putting the email address in the account property, but how can i do that with office 365

Please Refer the Thread - You have to update the package and add PreRelease.



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