Hi one & all
i am Getting This Error While I am Using outlook Activity.
Pls Help me

Thanks In Advance


can you share the image screenshot of get outlook activity properties


no need to provide account details

try by removing the mailid in the account option


Hi @Prakash_Patnala

It’s not necessary to specify the account in the Account property of Get Outlook Mail Messages. Remove that and try once. Sometimes deleting the activity and reinitialization of activity might solve the error too.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks @Shiva_Nikhil
But I Tried It, No Change Same Error

Thank You
But It Not Working

Do you have multiple accounts associated with the Mail if so, it will throw an error @Prakash_Patnala



whether your machine is having outlook installed or not

check it once

Outlook Is Installed

Hi @Prakash_Patnala

Once give a try to Upgrade or Degrade the UiPath.Mail.Activities package

Yeah, I have Multiple Accounts But I Tried It By Sign out All Accounts.
Still Having Same Error


You need to Signin one mail account i.e., you are doing automation


You need to have single account so that it will take the Inbox of that particular account. Multiple accounts will throw an error as the bot will get confused from which account to pick even when you specify the account.

Hope you understand