Office 365 Mail setting missing

Based on the beta version of the new office 365, which is working like a charm btw, there is missing a feature

See topic here: Getting mails from shared resources an other excahnge accouncts using Office 365 Activity? - #11 by Nikola_Drazic

As you can see here you are able to pass a collection of attachments to send outlook mail
but that is not implemented in the office 365 activity
It’s quite essential to be able to automate sending more than one file in a mail.

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@DeanMauro Is this something that can be implemented in near future. there is no wayt to currently add an unknown amount of attachments to a mail. otherwise the beta activity is awesome

You can send the array of items as a string to the attachments collection right? So that you can add any number of items in the collection @Rasmus_J

@HareeshMR Correct, in the old ews send mail and in the Outlook Send mail you can attach an array of strings (file paths) and it will attach all files, in graph send mail you can only build up multiple attachments by assigning strings to single variables and add those vars to the collection, but then it will expect that number of files. where by using the array you can add 1 or 100 files as long as you don’t go above total file size limit, it does not care about the number of files. The new send mail only supports string in the collection, not string list, and without a field to rerefence a list like in the outlook send mail, shown in the first picture, there is nothing we can do about it

@loginerror is it possible for you to push this some way?

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Hi @Rasmus_J. This one is on our list to fix near term. I’m not a fan of the redundancy of Attachments and AttachmentsCollection, so we’ll see if they can be combined, but if not, we’ll add the same behavior.


Sounds perfect because I’m kind stuck xD want to update the mail activity we use in all our robots but it’s not possible until this gets implemented. really want to get rid of the dependency of outlook running to send mail, but I’m looking forward to the update, thx!

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Version 1.1.2-preview is now released with an AttachmentsCollection property on the Send Mail activity to allow for dynamic file attachment. Version 1.1.2 will be out of preview once the changes are localized.


You guys are awesome! Thank you so much. Going to test it out right now

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How do I get this in my studio?

I did a manual download from gallery and uploaded it to orchestrator, but I can’t see it in the list in studio. also the version number of the preview is lower than the beta build so it looks kinda odd

Is there a feed I can add so I can get previews directly in studio?


EDIT: Also I’m just a tenant on our municipality orchestrator, and I don’t have access to delete uploaded packages, from what I remember it’s because it doesn’t support it for sub tenants, only the main orchestrator account can delete uploaded libraries?

It is a pre-release version, so please make sure to check the pre-release checbkxo in your Package manager.

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I’ll head over to the corner of shame… completely overlooked it xD

Have a great weekend and thx!

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v1.1.2 is now published on Go and the Official feed.

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