Get Credentials Error

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I need an immediate help…
I am trying to read credentials which is stored in Orchestrator using “Get Credentials” activity, but I am getting the below error.

Get Credential: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0


My Orchestrator is connected with Ui Path Robot Assistant & i am using the Ui Path community edition.


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Good afternoon,

I’m not sure if this is your issue, but you could try the fix from this thread with a similar error.

I haven’t kept any “Asset” sheet of the config file. I have only 2 sheet attaching the pic for reference.


@Kumar_Sumit_TKS Can you provide the Screenshots of the Activity which gives the Error Along with it’s properties Panel also confirm if the Asset is stored in the Orchestrator as a Credential.

Hello @supermanPunch ,

Attaching the screenshot of the activity I have used with the error at run time, the properties been used and “YES” Asset is stored in Orchestrator as a credentials (attaching Snapshot for your reference

2 ).

@Kumar_Sumit_TKS Is it the same for adding Queue Items into the Orchestrator as well. If so, there might be a permission issue as this post suggests. Take a Look and see if that can help you.

It looks like you haven’t specified the Orchestrator Folder Path. Please try to give the right folder, “Default” if you have created your assets in Default folder.


Let me know this helps.

My Asset is created under “Default” folder only.

Hi @supermanPunch -

I have given all the access to the User in “TENANT PERMISSIONS” & “FOLDER PERMISSIONS” , but still i am facing the same issue. Any reason why i am getting the issue.

@Kumar_Sumit_TKS Are you able to add items to the queue?

No facing the same challenge with adding Queue in Orchestrator.


Having the same problem when creating a new project and using the Get Credential activity. Old projects using the same activity are running fine.

I was also facing the same issue but when i changed “UIPath.System.Activities” package version from 20.6.1-preview to an earlier version 20.4.0, it worked for me.

You may have to use downgraded version of above package.

Hi Sumit,

Kindly go to Manage packages tab and uncheck Include pre-release and update the version.

This should work.

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Suggest you open a Ticket with UiPath Support to get this issue raised up and more visible. I have encountered this issue and opened a ticket. The more of us that open tickets, the sooner it will get addressed and resolved.

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