Loading asset failed: You are not authorized! Error code: 0

Currently getting this warning when executing my workflow for the level 3 assignment 1. Although the workflow is able to run without issues and the credentials are being carried over into the process.
I’ve verified that the robot is connected. Any tips on what could be wrong?



Please check once whether this bot has access to that Asset or not. At the time of creating that Asset, have you checked per robot option ?

Yes sir @lakshman , I did that during the Asset creation.
Here is the current asset setting:

The thing is that whenever I run the workflow it’s still able to get the credential values (username and password) inside the asset and apply it during the process execution.


If you check this option then that particular robot only can access that Asset and other robots can’t access it.

@lakshman yes sir, that bot is my robot.

Anyway, I’ve found the cause of the issue.
I’ve mistakenly placed unnecessary credentials (name & value) in the “Asset” sheet of the config file. Once I removed it the warning disappeared.



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