Get Credential on Studio Community Version


I try to use widows get credential. And it wont get the credentials. Is there limit nowadays with community version? Do I have to connect to an orchestrator to use credentials?.
I am trying to do small introduction Proof of Consept to my customer (they don’t have license yet) I am using Community version now. So i would like to login to a website but get credentials wont fetch the windows credentials that i have set. Can you help me? Robot agent is on task bar.

It fails and gives me an error:

Message: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Robot version: 2018.2.2
Uipath Studio: Community 2018.2.2
OS Version: Widows 10

Can you execute any other wf?

Yeah and sorry, solved it. Somehow when i added credential activities it didn’t show up the “Get Secure Credential” only offered Ochestrator ones. Now i wont get any error, but i wont get my credentials either (they are null). Any suggestion.

Try pressing F1 while focused on the activity - it will open the activities guide where you can find more details

Hi , I am facing the same problem while working with “Get Credentials” .If you managed to solve the issue, could you please share the solution?