Get Asset... How many more days/weeks/month till a fix?

How can such an important thing as Get Asset activity be left unfixed for over a month? On the newest vesion of UiPath its impossible to get an asset through the activity that was once working/useful.
Shame on the devs. Gotta resort to getting a trial of enterprise version and manually downgrading UiPath, how convinient.

Please reconsider your comments. It’s unfair to shame someone on a public forum.

You can change the version of System activities if you want to use an older version.

Can you share what is the issue you are encountering?

Hi @LimitlessUi,

I believe more elaborate feedback will be much more valuable than just venting out, so I encourage you to provide as many details of the issue as possible when sending feedback.

Trying to figure out a little bit on this, I noticed that on UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.1 I was getting a blank value as the output of the Get Asset activity, however, it was fixed for me by installing 22.10.4

For Context, this is Community Studio using the same configuration




Yes, we had a bug that if you don’t input the output value twice or after a change in the properties it was not saved in the xaml (the output variable was actually empty).

We have fixed this in 22.10.4 System activities.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Look at the last reply in the topic i’m providing here.

It’s been a month since then. The issue is still there.

Here is a screenshot. U just can’t get any output. Not in string, not in VisualBasicReference, nor LambdaReference.

Get Asset activity is faulty in the newest 10.3 version of UiPath and it hasn’t been fixed in a month, and thats a fact.

It interferes with my work massively, its been a 3rd project in a row w/o a fix so im kinda pissed at this point.

I think Studio 2022.10.4 patch fixes both the issue of an empty asset as well as the validation error.